The Etusis sustainability concept

First and foremost, Etusis is a nature reserve. Today, Namibia is criss-crossed by fences  which prevent the free movement of wild animals. On top, more and more non-native animals in private “game parks” are introduced.
Etusis has a different approach. Our philosophy is to leave the reserve as untouched as possible.

No fences hinder the wildlife from roaming, animals may come and leave – mostly influenced by the food supply in the wake of the last rainy seasons – following their natural instincts.

The few sheep and cows are solely for the supply of the lodge – the game has priority. As far as nature allows (especially the rain), we provide ourselves with self-grown meat, dairy products and fruits and vegetables.

We see us at Etusis Lodge as guests in this untouched part of Namibia. Therefore, with just 7 bungalows and 5 luxury tents, we also pursue exclusive ecotourism.

The whole complex fits into the landscape. Of course, hunting is banned in the entire nature reserve and we actively fight poaching.

It also means that we act sustainably in everything we do. This means waste avoidance as by reusable (of course hygienically cleaned) bottles for our Etusis water as well as the coverage of all our energy needs by our photovoltaic system. During long dry seasons, the sun sometimes has a destructive effect on Namibia, which makes us all the happier that it provides our solar cells with energy.

The most important factor is water. From deep under the Otjipatera Mountains we pump our water. That is the only reason that we can afford the luxury of our refreshment pool.