Horseback riding in Namibia

We have the opportunity to respond individually to the wishes and dreams of our riding guests. On the basis of equestrian skills and terrain, the duration, speed and distance are adjusted.

Even “non-riders” can ride through the endless area and enjoy a reliable and calm Basotho horse. Among our app. 15 riding horses we will find the right horse for you. We are also happy to organise family trips by horse and on foot togehter. Who likes to sits on the horse, the others walk. The Etusis waterfall is a particularly popular destination.

The horses are reliable and hardworking, they are kept horse friendly and lovingly trained. Rides are mainly classic / recreational.

At the Etusis Wildlife Reserve, we have have a complex mountain terrain and it is worth experiencing the surefootedness of our Basotho horses in this beautiful area.

Overnight horse trekking

A special experience are multi-day rides. The Basothos carry you far through the Etusis Nature Reserve and you will spend the night in a tent or a small overnight cottage under the fascinating African starry sky.
Such a ride requires some preparation and must therefore be planned in time.

Contact us well in advance:
– Horseback riding for children and adults
– hourly, day rides, sundowner rides.
– Equipment: English saddles, western saddles and hiking saddles



Our horses


Nyathi Is a small, friendly cheeky rascal who loves human contact. He is comfortable to ride and moves forward quickly. Since he likes to test his riders, he is mainly used for experienced riders.
Lechesa Is our gentle mind. She rarely ever gets nervous. Even beginners may enjoy long and relaxed rides with her.
Madiba Is a typical strong Basotho and a true friend. Because of its curious but charming nature everyone enjoys him. When riding, he likes to follow the experienced horses and carries his rider safely through the Etusis mountains and plains.
Mafura The beautiful white Basotho mare just wants to please any rider. She is perfect for gaining first horseriding experiences as she moves in a relaxed way through the nature reserve.
Mpeli Loves to eat and uses it as an excuse for a break during any trip. Nevertheless, he is a dear Basotho and for young and old the suitable horse for rides in rough terrain.
Kobah Is our little diva. Although she is very lovely when dealing with her and enjoys to be cleaned and petted, she also has her own head, which is why we use her mainly for experienced riders.
Zitha Is a large, dark brown Basotho mare with a gentle character. You can truly count on her. All beginners and children love her.
Seabata Is very energetic in all gaits and likes to work with you. She is always on the move and reacts quickly to light commands. In stony terrain she is very sure-footed.

The Basotho Horse

Volker Ledermann, the founder of the Etusis Game Reserve, is a globally traveled horse man. In many corners of the world he was busy breeding horses and riding them. He has ridden in various countries and regions of Europe, the Americas, the Far East and Australia, and of course Africa, and has tried out the local breeds with great interest. He rode for the German Military Team in the 1950s and, as one of the pioneers, brought Icelandic horses to the European continent. Ultimately, it was also the fascination for the special gait tolt that made him aware of the Basotho horses in the small kingdom of Lesotho in South Africa.

In the high mountains of this small state these extremely weather-resistant and enduring riding horses are located. With a height of about 140 – 150 cm, they are very cooperative, comfortable to sit, and are thus suitable for riding long distances, even in mountainous terrain. With breeding maturity from about 3 ½ years, they are trained at the Etusis Lodge, where some mares and geldings for the horseriding activities remain.

The history of Etusis horse breeding

During a visit to Lesotho, Volker Ledermann realized that the Basotho horse was in great danger – not because it was about to be extincted, but because more and more other breeds of horses were being crossed.
He discussed with the responsible people of the country a ban on imports of other races, but found no majority. On the contrary, it was a stated goal to “support” the breed by using other breeds. For example from Ireland, stallions were brought to Lesotho to “improve” the breed. Volker Ledermann’s warning that this crossbreeding would ultimately destroy the highly interesting race with its lateral gaits, remained unheard.


But this was no reason for Volker Ledermann to give up. He succeeded in getting various experts on board, including Prof. Dr. med. Ewald Isenbügel of the University of Zurich and Prof. Dr. Henk Bertschinger of the University of Onderstepoort, South Africa. Together, a plan was developed.
Finally, Volker Ledermann and Prof. Dr. Isenbüge traveled to Lesotho and and scouted the most thoroughbred Basotho horses. Purebredness was ensured by means of blood samples which were send to South Africa.
But it took some years until enough guaranteed thoroughbred breeding horses were bought and brought to a farm of friends on a strenuous but exciting ride to South Africa.

After the horses had recovered there from the often very bad attitude in their homeland and the long trek, they were transported by truck to Etusis. The joy and relief were indescribable, as the horses finally arrived there after a long and adventurous journey!

Yes, and since then there are not just Basotho horses on Etusis available to our guests for rides. The breeding itself was moved due to the better water situation to the sister farm Dornhügel in the northeast of the country. Also some riding companies of the country own horses from our breed and also exports to the neighboring Angola have already been carried out.

We would be glad if our Basothos could carry you through the plains and mountains of Etusis. Here you can contact us for horseback riding requests.

Volunteering in Namibia on Etusis

Do you want to do an internship on Etusis? We are constantly looking for volunteers for our riding business as well as the Etusis Lodge and Game Reserve.
This is what awaits you during your two- to three-month internship:

Volunteer (m / f) with focus on horseback riding

As a volunteer (m / f) in our riding activities, you work daily with our horses. Both the care of the horses as well as the training and the riding with our guests is part of your task.
But also the assistance to the guest business is part of it: especially the service around meals.

What we are looking for:
Above all a you should bring a love for horses and very good riding skills. Especially for riding with the guests, it is important that you are completely safe in the saddle. When training our horses, a very good riding education is required.
In addition, you should get along well in very warm weather. Especially in the hot period from September to April, working in the sun can be very stressful.
In addition to that, you should enjoy working with guests. You should bring a service mentality and enjoy communication with people of all ages and cultures.

Volunteering usually lasts 3 months.


Volunteer (m / f) with focus on the hospitality of Etusis Lodge

During the high season (May to September) we offer the opportunity to volunteer at our guest services. The customer service is the focus here. You will gain insightsinto all areas from the kitchen to the office (reception, booking, bookkeeping).

What we are looking for:

Enthusiasm of working with guests takes center stage – service orientation and joy in communicating with people of all ages is what you should definitely bring.

Getting up early is just as much a part of such a hospitality business as servicing the guest on long evenings around the campfire. You should also like to cook and work in the kitchen (almost every trainee (m / f) has already enriched our menu with a great recipe for cakes, desserts or soup). Also, typical office activities should be something you like – here as well especially in direct guest contact (e.g. at check-in or check-out).

Volunteering lasts 2 to 3 months.


Have we sparked your interest? Then contact us with your CV and a short letter under info AT