Horseback riding in Namibia

We have the opportunity to respond individually to the wishes and dreams of our riding guests. On the basis of equestrian skills and terrain, the duration, speed and distance are adjusted.

Even “non-riders” can ride through the endless area and enjoy a reliable and calm Basotho horse. Among our app. 15 riding horses we will find the right horse for you. We are also happy to organise family trips by horse and on foot togehter. Who likes to sits on the horse, the others walk. The Etusis waterfall is a particularly popular destination.

The horses are reliable and hardworking, they are kept horse friendly and lovingly trained. Rides are mainly classic / recreational.

At the Etusis Wildlife Reserve, we have have a complex mountain terrain and it is worth experiencing the surefootedness of our Basotho horses in this beautiful area.

Overnight horse trekking

A special experience are multi-day rides. The Basothos carry you far through the Etusis Nature Reserve and you will spend the night in a tent or a small overnight cottage under the fascinating African starry sky.
Such a ride requires some preparation and must therefore be planned in time.

Contact us well in advance:
– Horseback riding for children and adults
– hourly, day rides, sundowner rides.
– Equipment: English saddles, western saddles and hiking saddles