Our horses


Nyathi Is a small, friendly cheeky rascal who loves human contact. He is comfortable to ride and moves forward quickly. Since he likes to test his riders, he is mainly used for experienced riders.
Lechesa Is our gentle mind. She rarely ever gets nervous. Even beginners may enjoy long and relaxed rides with her.
Madiba Is a typical strong Basotho and a true friend. Because of its curious but charming nature everyone enjoys him. When riding, he likes to follow the experienced horses and carries his rider safely through the Etusis mountains and plains.
Mafura The beautiful white Basotho mare just wants to please any rider. She is perfect for gaining first horseriding experiences as she moves in a relaxed way through the nature reserve.
Mpeli Loves to eat and uses it as an excuse for a break during any trip. Nevertheless, he is a dear Basotho and for young and old the suitable horse for rides in rough terrain.
Kobah Is our little diva. Although she is very lovely when dealing with her and enjoys to be cleaned and petted, she also has her own head, which is why we use her mainly for experienced riders.
Zitha Is a large, dark brown Basotho mare with a gentle character. You can truly count on her. All beginners and children love her.
Seabata Is very energetic in all gaits and likes to work with you. She is always on the move and reacts quickly to light commands. In stony terrain she is very sure-footed.