Excursions nearby

Sights that you can reach as a self-drive within 2.5 hours:


At the Swakop-Rivier at the crossroads of the sand roads 1953 and 1976. Former seat of government of German Southwest Africa (Dr. Göring, father of Hermann Göring) and main mission station.


Erongo Mountains

At the 1937, on the Ameib Ranch there are rock paintings of the Bushmen, the “Bull Party” and the Phillips Cave


A pretty little town on the edge of the Omaruru River.

Dinosaur tracks

Petrified traces of dinosaurs near the lime field.


Famous mountain massif with many minerals and Bushman drawings.


The very special coastal town. We also offer a self-catering apartment here.

We will gladly tell you about more interesting excursions when you are with us.